Chair Yoga poses

Thinking of practicing yoga but lack of the flexibility and feeling the stiffness in your body? Or simply no mobility to move around? Come try the chair yoga with the help of props( blocks, bolster and straps)

1. Warrior III ( Variaiton 1)
– Hook your right leg on the head rest, and straighten the leg. the Left leg is perpendicular with the floor.
– Next exhale having both hands on your waist and fold forward without shortening the spine.
– Extend both hands to the front, parallel with the floor.
Stay for 3 – 5 breaths an change side
You may try to go near the wall by pressing both palms into the wall through the shoulders to create the stability.

Warrior III

Warrior III pose ( Variation 1)


2. Extended Side Angle Pose ( Utthita Parsvakonasa)
Rest the right thigh on the chair, bend the right knee over the right ankle. Left leg stretch out. Rotate the left torso up towards the ceiling and extend the left hand over the your left ear.
Right hand can either be on the floor next to the right shin or rest on the block
Stay for 3 – 5 breaths and change side

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3. Standing Ustrasana
– Standing in legs hip-width apart, bend both knees in order to place both hands on the chair and straighten both legs( you may need to walk a few steps forward in order to place both hands nicely on the chair)
– Inhale, engage the lower belly and reach your tailbone towards your knees, creating the space between your lower vertebrae.
– Draw in the elbows and keep the chest lifting, allowing the rib cage to expand
Stay for 3 – 5 breaths


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