My Poses


GARUDASANA ( Eagle Pose)

– Stand in Tadasana position, with both feet hip width apart.
– Inhale, bring both hands to the front in line with the shoulder, palm facing each other.
– Exhale, bring your left arm to stack on your right arm, and that the left elbow is stacked nicely on top of the right arm.
– Bend the elbows, wrap your forearm around until both palms touching each other. Keep the wrists in line with the forearms and extend fingers upward towards the ceiling.
– Cross your right leg over the left leg above the knee, the bend left leg slightly so that the right leg is able to wrap around the left calf or ankle. The right foot toes are pointing towards the floor.
– Draw the navel back and up, and lift the chest up
– Keep your gaze at your palm and take a few breaths here.
– Slowly raise and release the bind back into tadasana, then repeat the other side.

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